Rhythm #8: Blessing

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Notes on the Eighth Rhythm

Rhythms of a Disciple
Rhythm #8: Blessing

Most of our rhythms have focused on internal rhythms—personal practices to sharpen our relationship with God. Sometimes

BLESSING: What is it?

  • To prononce or make happy
  • To add strength another arm

In order to bless someone, it has to be intentional. It’s not enough to just have good feelings about a person, or to feel compassion for them. They don’t get anything out of that. In order to bless, we have to do something.

3 Ways to Bless

1. Words of encouragement or affirmation
2. Acts of Kindness
3. Gifts

Let’s look at these three:

1. Words of Encouragement or Affirmation
But encourage one another daily, as long as it is called “Today” (Heb 3:13)
How can we use Words of encouragement to bless others? Here are 4 practical ways:
a) Change the atmosphere
b) Write notes, email, text,
c) Give them a call
d) Visit them

2. Acts of Kindness
“Add strength to someone’s arm”
Go beyond just words now. What can you DO
1) Clean someone’s house
2) Babysit
3) Make a meal
4) Take them to lunch
5) Mow their lawn
6) Ask, “what can I do for you?”

3. Gifts
This goes beyond our regular tithe, of course. Here are some things we can give:

  • Money
  • Food Basket
  • Be creative
    • i.e. Chocolate

Here’s the challenge: Bless 3 people this week.
Be intentional. Be creative. Bless like Jesus blessed.